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When people attend an event such as a Wedding, Christmas party, Retirement party, Birthday party, Anniversary party, what's one of the top 2 things they remember?  The food!  The food is a big deal at any event, especially for weddings because they have gotten a bad rep of forcing guests to eat typical, dry, tasteless “wedding food.” So if you have creative dishes that tastes bad, they’ll remember that too unfortunately, and will probably dish out that detail to family and friends.

Your guests are looking forward to and will remember the food. Being unique in this category will go a long way. Don’t be afraid to do something a bit different. Barbecue bar? Alligator bar? Passed appetizers? Mashed potato station (with all the toppings)? They will also remember if the process for getting the food flowed nicely (and they didn’t have to wait a long time).

There are some things really worth spending money on when you’re planning an event, and food is one of them. It’s worth asking your venue or caterer about their signature dish – every chef has a particular specialty they just love preparing. And you may be pleasantly surprised when the cost turns out to be the same as a preset menu, or just a little more.

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